Double Welcome in Russia

A special feature of the R1 is that it passes through Russia twice. The Baltic States separate the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad from the rest of Russia and thus offer two opportunities to see very different aspects of the country.

Many people are reluctant to consider cycling in Russia and imagine that it would involve great difficulties, but Russia’s attitude to tourism has been changing considerably in recent years.

There are a number of tourist associations and environmental groups that are very active in encouraging foreign visitors to enjoy the beauty and wonders of their country.

Note that you will require a visa to visit Russia .

Indeed if you are intending to visit both parts of Russia, you will need a double visa.

Visas can be obtained for example from your Russian Embassy.

If you do not have an invitation, t is also possible to book overnight accommodation before travelling to Russia.

This is regarded as equivalent to an invitation and will ease your passage.


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Kaliningrad area and St. Petersburg area.

Flag of the Russian Federation