Anyone who knows Latvia will recognise it as the most idiosyncratic and earthy of the Baltic States, a characteristic also possessed by the Latvian people.

Latvia is located on the Baltic Sea and like the other two Baltic States, contains a great wealth of unspoilt nature.

This consists of long white beaches, rocky cliffs, clean air and several high moors.

Wooden trails on stilts allow you to discover the secrets hidden deep in the moor land as you admire the flora or listen to the birds.

The Latvians have long lived in tune with nature, evidenced by great biological and landscape diversity preserved here. The inland area contains over 2,000 lakes as well as 12,500 rivers and streams that reflect the health of the habitat.

Latvia can truthfully be described as a “land of trees” with about 50% of the country covered in pine and arboreal forest.

Here you can cycle on well-kept trails past majestic oak, linden and ash trees.


latvian landscape