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The Euroroute R1 in the Netherlands (451 kilometers)

leads in the motherland of cycling culture from the Belgian border at Sluis along the coast of the North Sea to Den Haag (167 Kilometer) and with further 284 kilometers eastward to the German border in Zwilbroek.

The path through the dune scenery of the North Sea coast, over the storm barriers and dams of the Delta works, as well as two ferry transfers and the passage through the new port of Rotterdam are a unique experience. East of Den Haag the cyclist finds a wide variety of landscapes: the typical Dutch canal landscape to Utrecht, the hilly, densely wooded national park Veluwezoom at Arnheim, the passage along the Nederrijn as well as the park landscape of Achterhoek.

The road is interesting and diverse. In addition to cities and bigger towns like Vlissingen, Den Haag, Utrecht and Arnheim, you find smaller historical places, for example Scheveningen, Worden, the national park Veluwezoom as well as the park landscape with mansions close to the German border, that entertain and surprise and make the Euroroute R1 in the Netherlands a memorable and exciting experience.

The Euroroute R1 consists of sections of the "Noordzeeroute LF1" - its route was corrected recently yet again, of "Midden-Nederlandroute LF4" as well as of a part of "LF8" close to the German border. All those roads are excellently signposted — the quality of the mostly separated cycle paths and streets with little traffic, with a small number of exceptions, are good to very good.

(Source: IS.RADWEG. 2013)

Cycling Netherlands

Cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling in the Netherlands

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