Route Germany

With a total of more than 3,500 km the R1 crosses Germany from West to East.

Most of the route is in the flatter parts of North Germany and only occasionally does it cross one or the other hill in the Harz mountain area.

In general the route network in Germany is of a very high standard and very cyclist-friendly. Because more of the R1 is on separate bicycle paths, or along remoter forest roads and paved field tracks, there is little contact with motor vehicles.

Prize-winning “Bicycle Towns” such as Münster offer a cyclist-oriented service and have a large range of Bed & Bike offers.

Parts of the route of the R1 coincide with other long-distance cycle routes and tours, for example the cycle route along the river Elbe, allowing the combination of various routes with the possibility for small detours.

As it crosses Germany, the R1 passes through a wide variety of landscapes.

For example, near to the Dutch border in the vicinity of Zwillbrock and Vreden it winds it way through idyllic moor and heath landscapes, then later through the dense woods in the heart of the Weser Hills and finally through the wild and romantic flood-plain landscapes of the river Elbe.

The R1 offers a variety of opportunities on its way through the German Laender to stop over on the left and right of the route.

Spa towns extend an open invitation for wellness stops, for example with mud baths in Blankenburg or traditional Kneipp water treatments in Buckow.